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Accruing Imperminance

Rachel B
22 April 1984
Illinois, United States
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anime, avacadoes, battlestar galactica, blankets, cats, dave barry, douglas adams, fanfic, fantasy, feminism, fractals, frank lloyd wright, gin, grenadine, handicrafts, interior decorating, kevlar, movies, music, order, poetry, pumpkin bread, reality, sarcasm, science fiction, the unexpected, the west wing, umbrellas, writing
23, feminist, creative, sarcastic. College grad. Democrat/Liberal. My mind is fully armed and dangerous, though usually with good intentions. I write, then I rewrite, ad nosium ad infinitum. (and obviously can't spell worth a god damn.) Paranoid Optimist.

Current Occupations: administrative secretary, waitress, freelance web eps scriptwriter

Liable to use big words for no reason.

A Valkyrie and A Shy Child.

Brownish hair, hazel green eyes.

Currently owned by Darwin the One Eyed Cat, and Leonides King of the Spartans cat.